Alaska House District 35

I love Southeast Alaska and I love our region’s way of life. As a representative of Southeast Alaska, I love that my job description is to help make Southeast Alaska a better place. I can’t imagine a better job description. That’s why I’m running for re-election: I want to keep working to help make our wet and rainy, island-speckled, beautiful part of the world a better place.
For the nuts-and-bolts of policies and my platform, check out the issues page. To get a sense of who I am, let me share a few but important principles I believe in:
I believe in the politics of humility: good ideas are good ideas no matter where they come from, and good people are good people no matter what party they belong to.
I serve as an Alaskan, not as a Democrat or a Republican; I believe bipartisanship and civility are as important to our politics as salmon and oil are to our economy.
I believe in the power of good ideas. Good ideas (and good execution) are what makes the world a better place. While good ideas can be big, most good ideas are small or subtle. I see the Alaska Legislature as a forum to advance and realize good ideas.
I really, really like hard work.
And I love Southeast Alaska! (I guess I mentioned that already.)
I am grateful for your consideration and I would be more grateful yet for your support.